IRV: The Instant Runoff Voting Song 2005 by Sharon Abreu
I wanna tell ya ‘bout the new kid on the block
By the name of I-R-V,
Now IRV’s a guy who caught my eye,
I know he could make history, yeah,
He could set our country free!

IRV is just a friendly guy,
Who only wants to serve,
And when “Get lost!” is the reply
You know IRV’s hit a nerve.

“My name is IRV, I’m a new kind of player,
I am I-R V, you’ll know me sooner or later.
When the drag-ons are dragging their feet,
Watch I-R-V comin’ down the street.”

Oooh, IRV – I hope you come to me.
I want more choice, and you give a voice
To a real democracy!

People tired of choosing from the lesser of
Evils sparrin’ with the same old gloves
IRV says “Look what you’ve been missin’,”
And some of them start a-listenin’.

You ask, “IRV, how can this be?
How can I vote for a third par-ty?
Without my vote goin’ out to sea?”
“Ah,” says IRV, “that’s my beauty!”
“You see, with I-R-V you’re free to vote
Your first choice without fear,
‘Cause you can vote for your second choice, too,
So your hope won’t disappear.”


There’s a potent disease in the Beltway breeze,
But we don’t have to let it get our goat.
There’s a great way to treat the bugs on that beat,
And I-R-V could be the antidote.

Yeah, there are big bullies in that town,
At least two that I know,
They want to punch and knock I-R-V down,
But fear won’t make IRV go.

Now you don’t need to wear your politics on your sleeve,
But when the system fails you, you can believe
That there are more ways to skin a vote –
I-R-V will help democracy stay afloat.

So take a good look at I-R-V,
Lookin' better all the time,
When choices change from two to three,
You're gonna see a happier votin' line.

That’s a free republic to me!